Leaf Shield: Gutter protection your home deserves

Together with our sister business, Leaf Shield, we are pleased to offer our Real Home Improvements customers an innovative and market-leading gutter protection system. For years, we have partnered with Leaf Shield to deliver this cost-effective leaf mesh system to families and businesses around South Australia.

Stop leaves and other debris from entering your gutters and drinking water with Leaf Shield’s unique diamond poly mesh and aluminium mesh designs. Installed to totally encapsulate your gutters and valleys, debris will simply blow off your roof and prevent pesky vermon like rats, mice, birds, and possums, from entering your home. We also make cleaning out your gutters a breeze, as the system is equipped with a number of inspection points.

Ready to discover the Leaf Shield leaf mesh advantage? Schedule your no-obligation inspection and quote by contacting us today on 1300 752 052.




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