Solar panels: Adelaide’s solar solution

Real Home Improvements will supply and install the highest quality solar panels and power systems in your Adelaide home or business. With our wide-ranging suite of solar solutions, you’re guaranteed to find the one for you.

We stock everything from big brand name solar panels and inverters to solar systems for even the most budget-conscious customer. While they may vary in cost and certain built-in efficiencies, one thing is for certain: no matter which solar panels you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy significant savings on your Adelaide electricity and power bills.

Is solar still worth the investment?

In a word: yes.

With rising power prices in South Australia, the time is right to invest in solar. The future is uncertain regarding whether or not purchasers will continue to receive solar rebates; acting now guarantees you’ll get cash back in your pocket.

We also recommend your Adelaide solar panels are part of a battery-ready system. Even if you aren’t prepared to make an immediate investment in solar battery storage technologies, purchasing a system where storage is easily fitted will save you from unsightly upgrade and installation costs down the track.

Solar panels Adelaide offer a wallet- and environmentally-friendly power alternative

Solar is the eco-friendliest power source on the market today. Solar systems harness the sun’s energy—a completely renewable resource—using robust solar panels that don’t churn harmful emissions into the environment. It’s no surprise, then, that solar is popular among families and businesses in Adelaide.

If you’re ready to adopt a cleaner power source but aren’t sure which system is best for you, trust our team of Adelaide energy consultants to help you find the answer you’re looking for. At Real Home Improvements, our goal is never to push product; we believe in empowering our clients to make a fully educated decision.

When it comes time to select solar panels for your residential or commercial property in Adelaide, with us you’ll know you’re receiving a system that has been carefully and thoughtfully tailored to your budget, your lifestyle, and your space.

Don’t be fooled by cheap solar panels in Adelaide peddled by hungry commission salespeople. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you’re getting a Real Deal. To chat to one of our qualified energy consultants, call us today on 1300 752 052.

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